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Texas Realty Capital

Texas Realty Capital

TRC is a full-service, commercial mortgage banking and real estate investment advisory services company based in Austin, Texas.

Contact Information

Phone 512-450-6800
Fax 512-450-6811
E-mail info@texasrealtycapital.com
Website http://trcaustin.com

Jim Lemos

Title Founding Principal
Phone 512-450-6899
Cell 512-751-6944
E-mail jim@trcaustin.com

John Morran

Title Founding Principal
Phone 512-450-6833
Cell 512-917-1200
E-mail john@trcaustin.com
Linked In

Matt Counts

Title Principal
Phone 512-450-6805
Cell 512-736-8604
E-mail matt@trcaustin.com

Jesse Lemos

Title Analyst
Phone 512-450-6810
E-mail jesse@trcaustin.com

Chase Johnson

Title Analyst
Phone 512-450-6804
Cell 281-704-6189
E-mail chase@trcaustin.com

Rate Monitor
Keep track of movements in interest rates for commercial real estate mortgages. Rate Information (Index and Spreads) is provided for loans of selected fixed-rate terms. Low Leverage is generally defined as <65% LTV and Full Leverage is defined as 65% to 75% LTV.

Index Information is based on current, and historical, market data for US Treasury Bond Yields. Source: Current Data: Intra-day feed from Yahoo Finance Historical Data: US Department of the Treasury

Spread Information is based on mortgage loans from $3-$30 Million for stabilized, commercial properties in major metropolitan areas in the US.

NOTE: This information is provided as a general representation of market interest rates. Actual Interest Rates will vary significantly, both within and outside of the indicated ranges, and will be based on the unique features of each individual property, including, but not limited to, the: loan size; property type, age and condition; property location; and market/sub-market fundamentals. Please contact your broker directly for an accurate rate quote for your real estate transaction.

All users of this site are responsible for independently verifying the accuracy of all information contained herein.

An easy and straightforward way to get all the loan calculations you need in one place. Quickly calculate: Annual and Monthly P+I, Loan Constant, Balance at Maturity, Full Loan Amortization Table. If you like to play “What-If?” - try the Compare feature to run side-by-side comparisons for two sets of loan assumptions.

NOTE: All interest calculations are based on a 30/360 method.

Follow the news that matters to you most. User defined settings allow you to keep in touch with the latest market information - local, regional and national.

Need to monitor changes in the market? This Alert feature allows you to define thresholds for changes in US Treasury Bond Yields and receive a notification when you need to know which way the market is moving.

Go here to get essential contact information for your best resource on commercial real estate finance.